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Digital Marketing

We provide a deliberate and customised digital marketing strategy and plan to create top of the mind awareness for your brand that becomes the first and only choice for your consumers, leading to return on investment.

Email Marketing

Email lets you communicate quickly, and directly to your target audience. The in-the-moment nature of email marketing makes it an ideal means for reaching customers with relevant content that is convenient. We craft a timely, personal, cost-effective and measurable email marketing strategy to keep you at the forefront of your customers’ minds, and increase your ROI.

Social Media Marketing

With over a billion users on Facebook, close to 600 million on Twitter and more, and more people using other social media platforms and location based services daily, businesses cannot afford to ignore the social universe. We leverage the endless possibilities of social media to provide our clients’ efficient social engagement with their target audience, and delivering their bottom-line expectations.


With our wealth of experience handling different digital projects, we help guide your investments whether in terms of task automation, brand identity, internal process management or social strategy- depending on your needs! With your goals in mind, we analyze to identify gaps in your current strategy and consult to help fill them based on projected business impact.

Website Development

In this age where everything is moving really fast. You have only 5 seconds to keep a new visitor on your website. With our special design, navigation and multi-platform online responsive nature of our web design, your visitors not only stay longer, but turn into customers and refer you to others. Whether you are a large manufacturing company, a small business run from home, a website brings you to a level playing field in your industry, and give you the opportunity to attract new business opportunities.

Online Reputation Management

With our expertise in the digital space, we ensure consistency in your online image, and project ahead in order to position your reputation fool-proof, of elements that do not support your personal and organization’s brand identity.

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We offer world class training in Digital Marketing, E-mail Marketing, SEO Marketing, SMS Marketing, Digital Crisis Management


At BusinessPlus Services, we take a holistic approach to Search Engine Optimization, integrating it into your digital marketing strategy, whereby your site or app structure help to shape organic search appearance, ensure that your brands digital presence is built with both users and search in mind.


We offer bespoke event marketing for events ranging from digital content management and implementation, social media management, email marketing invite/invitation, online polls among others.